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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Miriam Beerman

Miriam Beerman

About two weeks ago, Miriam Beerman's art was on display in the Wriston Art Center at Lawrence University. Our class was supposed to watch a documentary about Miriam by Jonathan Gruber entitled "Miriam Beerman: Expressing the Chaos", but due to Football practice I was unable to attend the screening. However, Jonathan Gruber did come to our class and answer a few of our questions. Most of the questions had to do with what to pick for topic for the documentary, and how to know when to pursue a topic or subject further. Although there was not a precise answer, he said it is mainly who you know and have to get lucky, but also that you have to find something that you are passionate about to pursue for a number of years and keep working. He even said he has been working on another documentary for 18 years, which is passionate if you ask me. Other topics included working on your own projects or being hired for example by Animal Planet, and which one he preferred. He preferred working on his own, because he could have the final say instead of finishing a project and having the company that paid him to make it changing lots of parts. 
Photo of Jonathan Gruber(Google Images)

As for Miriam Beerman's artwork on display at Wriston Art Center, it was mostly all collage work with an occasional drawing. The collages are made of printed texts and other labels and scraps. Over these, Miriam would draw figures, often surreal looking as if they were from a bad dream. She would also sometimes write words in very bold brush strokes over the whole collage or parts of it. She also was very fixated on faces, and although human-like, the faces were always disfigured in some way that made them calming yet haunting. Most all of the artwork on the display was untitled, which for some reason I really enjoy.

Photo of Miriam Beerman Art Piece(

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